Status Update

05-17-2015 by Sebastian Schürmann

I was absent for a while. The reason for this was a sideproject, a lot of work (coding yeah!) and a little break from a lot of things. O am back and wanted to give a little update on the next things that come and things that happened.

I will be giving my 2 day pairing training in site at @thirdart in Cologne 15. - 16. June 2015. If you are around and want to have some of the latest XP knowhow: consider boooking a ticket.

I will be speaking on the webinale/phpconference as well as having 2 workshops @dpcon. If you attend one of these conferences: consider visiting the talks or activities.

A new project is out of the door a blogplanet or feed aggregator for blogs of people out of the agile space. It should provide you a xml feed with up to date news or a way to sip through the latest feeds and discover new things.

The website needs a major update: I know that. It will get the love that it deserves. Soon.

Jobwise I am always open for ideas in one of the areas I offer services in. Contact me if you are interested.

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