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11-03-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

Out of the blue I did something I wanted to do for a very long time - creating a 2 day training for node.js.

On the one hand there is the fact I have fun with trainings and on the other hand people and companies keep asking me to give one. Then there is my constant work with the platform that goes way back when version numbers were low and JS on the server side was hip but not production ready.

I was approached by a company that sells a lot of trainings in order to be the replacement for a trainer who did not have time to attend his date. I want to use this chance to contribute a little bit back and want to create the training, exercises and code as creative commons and MIT licensed material.

What will the training be like?

The training aims at people with basic Javascript skills, preferably web developers and want to dive a bit more into node.js, learn about the pattform and get some useful information on good practices with the platform.

It is straight forward pairprogramming or dojo style for everything the group does and all in a very technical fashion. I will provide around 10 little example “challenges” that will be easily solved by the attendees when attending the training. All with the goal to get over the basics and be able to productively start with server side Javascript.


The contents are going from zero to developing versioned commonjs modules and express.js apps.

  • How node works & why javascript on the server side
  • Building and executing a basic node.js code
  • Networking and async code
  • Data Access with REDIS
  • Debugging a node application
  • Managing multiple instances of node.js
  • Monitoring node apps
  • Coding Dojos
  • Node.js build tools - Gulp and Grunt
  • Git(hub) development workflow
  • TDD with node.js
  • Creating own modules
  • Web development
  • Connect

This is all the stuff I would have loved to know when I started out with the platform and covers a fair deal of the node.js “standards”

The result

This should set up everyone with enough skills to start out seriously into node. You could learn all that from tutorials that are out there. But having it all in a intense 2-day training should be very valuable for teams and companies venturing out into the world of node and serverside Javascript.


If you are interested in receiving the training or the contents of it: Hit me up with any of the ways to get in touch with me on this website or twitter.

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