The BDD project - My first results

10-22-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

Starting of on sunday with a little impact mapping I tried to outline the first basic ideas using this technique. It turns it takes some rewrites and a little back and forth untilyou hit the spot.

Here is my first Impact Map for the project.

Simplyfy workshop preparation
		Avoid having to use single google spreadsheeds to calculate which are the most important practices for participants
		Avoid having to explain "what do I need to do in order to  prepare"
		Read about practices
		Get the links to the "original" Contents
			Website listing the basic descritption
		Get information about related Practices
			Links to "allies"
	Boss of Participants
		Get a list of practices selected by teams
			Mail or Website to look at 
Convince potential customers that the workshop is awesome
	Potential participants
Provide a general information hub for XP practices

What did I take away from that little session of 2 hours in a starbucks?

I have identified 4 groups of users

  • Me as the creator of the site
  • Participants of the workshops
  • Bosses and “deciders” who will pay for workshops and send participants there

What can people do on the site?

  • Look at practices
  • get references to the “original” content
  • get info to related practices
  • select practices to “build” a workshop

The first Userstories

I created 2 Userstories out of that which will provide my first features

List of Practices #1

As a workshop participant and website user 
I want to see a list of available practices 
so that I can get an overview about all the practices offered for the workshop

Show practice #2

As a workshop participant and webiste user 
I want to read about specific practices 
so that I know what it is about 
and I can decide if I want to have it in the workshop

It is all rough

The main idea on interative and incremental development is to actually do stuff before you get into more planning. I have absolutely no incentive to do way more upfront planning. The basic idea remains to have a tool help participants fo workshops select the practices they want to hear about and thus I am gonna to add some feature files that I can feed into cucumber.js and start developing right away.

It is getting interesting. ;) So lets code a bit.

Upcoming Workshops

Pairprogramming Workshop

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