Weekly recap - Week #42

10-17-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

Pew, this week was a full on workshop and conference week. Prparing for workshops and visiting XP days.

First off: There are 2 Pairprogramming trainings in the close future in Munich and Hamburg. They are not yet fixed by date, but there will be a update soon. Hamburg will be earlier, probably middle of November and Munich later in early December. It was a lot of preparation and we are still in the org phase but keep your self ready. If you are interested in this 2 particular events or another one in your city

A highlight was the talk by the guys from unruly (who I called out as Rachel Davies minions - I hope they are not too angry about this) and they blew my mind with a talk about Extreme Continuous Delivery and general application of Extreme Programming. If you are a devops guy or agile developer or just interested how things could work when you apply CD to the “extreme”. They are your goto guys. Enlightening.

In general, XP Days was a nice conf and my talk on “Nonviolent Communication” was reasonably well received. See my blogpost about 4 ways to use it in the context of agile teams and the slides. I got 8 green cards, 8 yellow and one blood(y) red. Still a lot to improve on. I am looking forward to the community day tomorrow.

I am still figuring out all the details on the bootstrap grid and I had to read about it a little more to fix some errors on the site. This article gave me a little more insights.

I started out with a new project and I will be using all the skills and techniques that go into my Userstories and BDD class. The toolbox will be

  • cucumber
  • grunt
  • travis
  • heroku
  • and all the fun things

What will the project be? A preparation site for the XP Practices where attendees choose topics and inform themselves about the contents. Eat your own doogfood.

Upcoming Workshops

Pairprogramming Workshop

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