Weekly recap - Week #41

10-10-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

Wow. What a week.

I am preparing for a lot of speaking in the near future.

On Tuesday the Hamburg PHP Usergroup meets and I was invited to present about Pairprogramming. I hope I can get some participants to do experiments with this useful practice afterwards in their offices.

Thursday is XPdays in Hamburg which gives me the opportunity to speak about Nonviolent Communication in the context of Extreme Programming. Both topics seem to be strongly related and the talk is based on previous material I worked out in the previous months.

On the 4th of November I will find my way to the Berlin PHP Usergroup and present on “How to survive your frontend” containing a list of (hopefully) useful hints on how to work with new tools and toys on your frontentd as you do on your backend.

I got me some help on the preparation of (partly publicly held) workshops in November and December. Melanie Meinen teamed up with me to support me with copywrinting and organisation of events. There is a special twist to it if you have a person helping you with this things who adheres to the values behind agile. After all, we met at the Play4Agile conference some years ago. If you are working in the IT/Tech or Agile world and need help with all things organisation or promotion shoot her a mail. Very uncomon that your marketing person is able to hold a restrospective with no sweats. ;)

I am diving back into code with more BDD and started finalizing the materials for a workshop called Userstories and BDD. It aims at teams that do Scrum or Kanban and look for a way to extend their abillity to craft specific features out of boradly defined visions. It should take you the whole nine yards to the final implementation. It is compiled out of single segments that I have done inn the past, mostly with internal teams or customers that I worked wit on a freelance basis. Not yet much to see, but as always I will try to a) Base the workshop on one of the books out there and b) make all my own materials available via a Creative Commons license that allows for commercial use.

Technically, the setup of PhantomJS is such a nightmare, that using it wit cucmber or other tools sparked a lit of tools and node.js modules. Nightmare.js just being the latest addition. May it ease the pain. I will go and see for myself.

If you want a little more detailed instruction on the new Javascript-ES6 feature of generators (iterators on stereoids) you might want to read Gajus Kuizinas article on them. It is enlightening and only this feature will change Javascript a lot.

I am not really happy that hoodie does not play along with what I expect it to do and I need to sink a little more time in it. It is so clean and so right about a lot of things that I have to get this. Maybe I can persuade someone to give me the kicks in my butt that I still need to get into the workflow a little more. Right now … its more meh than weeeeeeeeeeeee but I am optimistic that this will change.

Upcoming Workshops

Pairprogramming Workshop

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