Talk at Berlin PHP Usergroup: Surviving your frontend

10-09-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

I will be speaking on the 4th of November at the Berlin PHP Usergroup about Surviving your frontend.

Surviving your Frontend

The frontend code is often treated like a step child and after a while things get messy and complicated. In 2014 there is a lot of things and toys a developer can do and use to avoid dying in ‘brownfield hell’. I’d like to share some of my insights

After a bunch of projects beyond the size of 500k loc in more than one decade, there is a bunch of good practices that we, the developers of 2014 can employ from from day 1 in our projects to keep code maintainable after a while. The development landscape for javascript has changed drastically and this could be reflected in daily practices. I want to highlight some of the practices we can employ in 2014 with a modern development stack, such as:

  • Splitting front- and backend for faster development cycles
  • Using static code analysis to keep code clean
  • Automate processes and procedures to ensure the same level of quality
  • use component and module systems to keep your code lean and mean
  • Write tests - to avoid repeating errors and allow for cooler designs
  • CI/CD all the stuff for early feedback
  • Documentation for the win
  • Code reuse - To avoid reinventing the wheel
  • Pair Pair Pair! - to avoid the bus factor

I am looking forward tos ee you all there and I am really happy to present a more ‘techy’ topic.

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