Weekly recap Week #39

09-26-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

Oh what a sick week. In its true sense. I had my first real sick leave as a selfemployed person. Sucks. But a lot of time to read the interwebsz empty and get this blog project moved.

I have told you about Jekyll and I totally blame the toally awesome Johannesto get me hooked. It took me a little longer than just to click me a homepage somewhere, but it was good to build something with my own hands. So here we go: The Dissident Trainings Hompepage. A lot of stuff is still to be done but hey, don’t throw this wordpress or drupal thingies at me anymore. I do not care. The web is, as far as my own website is concerned and as it is possible: static webpages.

The most mindblowing article of the week was Reinventing the Git interface musing about a lot of details of git, its implementation and shortcomings. If you want to learn something about git: go there and get your mind blown. I took up a lot of knowledge in just 20-25 minutes. Nikita Prokopov killed it fort me this week.

I started working on a little tool, that helps create and form a userstory and I mused about a storage mechanism that supported versioning and is in the browser and and and … okay here we go. I guess this is bye bye to my weekend. But hey: I am still sick .. so why not do sick things like trying to bring a git repo to a browser like git-js. A lot of Kudos go to Tim Caswell.

More of a prctical thing was creating a social footer for this blog. As much as I hate DRY and NIH I love github and easy to use stuff. If you do not mind its based on SVG and a relatively modern technology stack KNI-LABS RRSSB might provide you with SVG based social Icons that did not suck for me, behaved well on a responsive site and and and ….. because HTML5 and Browsers.

I had to move to the new Bootstrap Version 3 and found this thread very interesting. A lot of criticism seems on Bootstrap seems to be based on v1 and v2. Check this Stack overflow thread for more infos on the changes in V3. I really liked it. I seem to have a CSS allergy these days.

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