Weekly recap Week #38

09-19-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

This week was more about building my own things aka website.

Jekyll is still one hell (good) of a blogging and web site system. If you are hosting your own Wordpress blog and you are technical capable: Look into Jekyll. It’s a complete static website generator using markdown as a file format. I love it and I am still a bit on the learning curve.

There is a yeoman generator for Jekylland Bootstrap that makes some things easy. You might be better off with starting a plain Jekyll project and wiring everything up yourself. However it is a good if you want to see how things can be wried up and have a basic idea how bootstrap works.

I found out what copywriting is. It’s essentially writing for marketing reasons. Aha. Thank you wikipedia. One of these words that I listened to multiple times but never really questioned what they imply.

I decided on the kinds of trainings I want to provide as a “standard” to my customers. These will be: “Extreme Programming”, “Pair Programming” and “Userstories with Gherkin and BDD”. Watch out there: News will be out soon. if you want early information: Shot me a mail.

I a talk about clojure script (Clojure Script: Lisps revenge) kept me up at night and  I blame David Soria Para now for me having thoughts of trying it. It looks like the hell of a beast of a programing languages but looks like it fixed a lot of the functional fuckups that are in JS. And ITCOMPILESTOJAVASCRIPT!!!EINSELF!!!

Upcoming Workshops

Pairprogramming Workshop

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