Weekly recap - Week #37

09-11-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

This week was code, code and code.

If you look for a way to generate a appcache.manifest and make your page more available for offline usage, grunt-appcache is your friend.

Manifesto is a anice bookmarklet to let you check HTML appcache manifests.

Using input fields with an TabletPC might pose ne challenges to event handling as I found out. Dismissing the virtual keyboard might break your layout.

Instead of using backbone and wondering about the amount of boilerplate to write, I might have a look into the new apper framework for single page apps. Nice one.

Math.js just got a 1.0and I find the new filter feature very interesting. You might wanna check your js codebase for calculations that could be done with mathjs in a simpler way. Still I heavily recommend it.

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