Ideas for modern coding

08-20-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

If starting a new web project follow some basic principles

  • Start with deploy code - It must be deployable from moment 0
  • Use Unit- and Functionaltests
  • The deployed code is testable and thereby you can verify it
  • Use Virtual machines to recreate the live environment
  • All is in GIT - dev and ops code
  • Use cont. integration and cont. deployment from moment 0
  • Static analyze the code - it’s cheap
  • Build in monitoring and logging
  • Whatever you do, write some docs, build them automatically

I think I will try this. Using this one would end up with a recreatable environment, that 5 years later, everyone who wants to use the software, can recreate. It’s not ma a magic bullet, but I think it could speed up a lot of things heavily.

A day setup can save you a lot of worries. The less you depend on things made “by hand” and if you put something aside for a while, you will be able to return easily.

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