The hen and egg problem

04-10-2014 by Sebastian Schürmann

Imagine, you do a project with a UX guy. He is building the UI and expects an api while doing so.

The Problem

The API will change and new methods will be required as well as changes to “old” parts of the API. You are creative, right? Not everything is laid out in a User-Story, right? New features lead to new Ideas, right?

This leads to a slow down in the cycle. A Server is a different thing. If you want to release, you need a working server component and the client. In order to build a stable one, a defined interface in terms of a restful API would be a good start.

However, this Ping-Pong has a price: time.

Fake it, until you make it

A good Idea would be a API prototype, kinda easy to create and change. In a very short amount of time. Save the time for the concrete implementation of the API by using a mock System.

Interfake is a tool which allows developers of client-side applications of any platform to easily create dummy HTTP APIs to develop against. Let’s get started with a simple example.

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